Toronto Prosperity

Client: Corporation of the City of Toronto

Region: Canada, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Sector: Public Sector

Project Type: Plan, Test

MGP Team Lead: John Genest

Malone Given Parsons Ltd. was retained by the City of Toronto to undertake a Planning for Employment Uses Study as input to a five-year review of the City of Toronto Official Plan. The study informs the City’s review as it relates to employment policies and the role of lands supporting employment throughout Toronto. The study focused on all employment uses including: office, industrial, retail and service, and institutional. Based on existing and forecast space and land requirements for each type of employment use, strategic policy directions were recommended as input to the Official Plan review and update.

The study addressed: employment related policies aimed to maintain and enhance Toronto’s prosperity; identified key elements of Toronto’s operating environment needed in planning for employment in the City; identified current characteristics of Toronto’s employment economy, how they are trending, and how they connect to the land base supporting employment; identified the magnitude of growth and sectoral patterns to be accommodated in the future; addressed how future employment space and land needs will be fulfilled in the context of a bounded and finite land supply; provided strategic directions responding to those needs and to enhance sustainable competitive advantage; the extent to which current Official Plan policies respond to those directions, and recommended changes to be considered aimed to achieve a comprehensive response to securing Toronto’s economic success.