Kleinburg Summit

Client: Castlepoint Investment Inc.

Region: Canada, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Sector: Private Sector

Project Type: Plan, Design

MGP Team Lead: Don Given

Team Members:

Stonybrook Consulting, Beacon Environmental Limited, SCS Consulting Group Ltd., SPL Consultants Limited, Poulos and Chung, Cole Engineering Group Ltd., Aqualogic Consulting, AerCoustics Engineering Limited, Cosburn Nauboris Ltd., Williams & Stewart Associates, Wayne Morgan Archeoworks Inc., F. Papa & Associates

MGP prepared a complete Block Plan / Planning Act applications and successfully managed the project team in the preparation of all background studies for the Kleinburg Summit Community. Consisting of almost 800 units that will accommodate over 2,500 people, this proposed community is located within the City of Vaughan’s Block 55 East, northeast of the Village of Kleinburg. The Block Plan exemplified a high quality of urban design which reinforces the role of Kleinburg-Nashville as a rural village centre, while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding countryside area. The design of the new community is heavily influenced by the extensive environmental and rural lands surrounding it.