Brooklin Landowners’ Group

Construction of the 407 East

Client: Brooklin Landowners' Group

Region: Canada, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Sector: Private Sector

Project Type: Plan, Design, Implement

MGP Team Lead: Matthew Cory

Brooklin is a major development area located in a suburban community (Whitby), located just east of Toronto. The Brooklin North Landowners own over 500 hectares of developable land immediately north and west of the Village of Brooklin in the northern portion of the Town of Whitby.

Malone Given Parsons Ltd. was retained by the landowners to provide the long-term planning and strategy for the growth of the community that will eventually consume over 2,000 hectares of lands. This work has included extensive population and employment analysis.

Malone Given Parsons Ltd., working on behalf of the landowners, has actively advocated for and provided land supply analysis and market rationale to the Region in support of the designation of substantial urban area expansion with employment lands along the future extension of Highway 407 and the 401/407 link in Durham. The realization of these employment lands will provide a signifi cant employment area that has the advantages of Lake Ontario based servicing, and proximity and access to two 400 series highways, and moreover, will be one of few locations in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton that can accommodate land extensive users.