Aurora 2C West Secondary Plan

Client: Aurora 2C Landowners’ Group

Region: Canada, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Sector: Private Sector

Project Type: Plan, Design, Implement

MGP Team Lead: Don Given

Team Members:

SCS Consulting Group Ltd.
Beacon Environmental
R. J. Burnside & Associates Limited
MMM Group Limited
John G. Williams Limited
Wayne Morgan
LGL Limited
HGC Engineering

The Town of Aurora is a suburb located in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. Located north of the City of Toronto, Aurora is a popular destination for residents looking to live in a high-quality community with an array of urban amenities, cultural facilities and recreational activities. Located immediately west of the Area 2B development near Highway 404, this 280 ha (690 acres) community is planned to accommodate 8,000 people in low and medium density units.

Malone Given Parsons Ltd. was successful in coordinating the necessary Regional Official Plan Amendment to bring the 2C lands into the urban boundary and for the OMB approval of OPA 73, the secondary plan for the community. Along with SCS Engineering, MGP was responsible for coordinating the necessary studies required for the approval of 7 subdivision plans within the 2C West lands. MGP prepared the planning reports for each subdivision and the ‘Green’ or sustainability guidelines and Homebuyers Information packages required to promote sustainable development. MGP also worked with the landowners, the Town staff and their consultant, the Planning Partnership, to produce the Urban Design Guidelines for the 2C West lands. The lack of sanitary servicing capacity in the York Durham system for new development in the 2C lands was addressed through work and agreements with the Region and the Town to make improvements throughout the Town to provide additional capacity for new development. The subdivision plans were approved and zoned in 2013. Phase 1 and 2 of the community is occupied or under development with phase 3 sales pending.