The Toronto Waterfront Experience

Plan, Design, ImplementJune 20, 2016

Christina Heydorn proudly shared the story of Toronto’s waterfront revitalization at the International Waterfront Forum 2016 held in Liverpool, UK.  The event  brought together experienced planning and development professionals  to discuss successful processes and current opportunities for bringing life to historically industrialized waterfronts.

The theme of this year’s forum was “Waterfront Cities as Economic Drivers of National Economies”.  Christina traced Toronto’s history from the importance of the Carrying-Place Trail, to French then British forts and settlements, to today’s residential and employment renaissance.  She discussed the important work carried out by Waterfront Toronto and the opportunities that have been provided by tri-government partnership and funding agreements.  Public investment in Toronto’s waterfront has successfully supported private sector investment that has led to new opportunities and growth that can be felt locally, regionally, and nationally,

The headline speaker at the 2016 event was the Rt Hon. Lord Michael Heseltine, the father of the waterfront regeneration movement in the UK.